Helping Others!

Today after teaching my normal load of classes, I went down to the Lower School division(grades PK-5) of the PK -12 school where I teach. I gave short presentation on Web2.0 and shared with them a TeacherTube video titled “Pay Attention” by Darren Draper. Next I showed a slide-show entitled “Its Elementary-web2.0-in-the-elementary-classroom” by D. Kuropatwa. After that presentation got them excited, I took the group to various grade level blogs so they could what some teachers are doing with classroom blogs. The hour was soon up but before they left overwhelmed I stressed the importance of just picking one new piece of technology to try in the classroom and not over do it at first. One teacher stayed to learn how to Google on her cellphone and another stayed to set up her personal blog right on the spot!

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